Problems With The New Kubota BX23S

Problems Kubota BX23S Problems

I have a tractor Kubota BX23S for a month. It has 7.8 hours of use. Last Thursday the seat release lever fell off. I put it back on Friday and found an electrical connector that looks like it was made by a child. The cable is so tight that I can’t move it and I thought this is going to be a problem down the road. The dealer is going to come get replacement parts for the seat and I will ask him about the oil leak and the electrical connector. I am going to post pictures of the connector and my question is whether this has happened at the factory or at the dealership.

My opinion is that the seat and wiring problems are from the factory. The backhoe leak I would say is a dealer problem. My reason for this is my experience with my 2650. I bought the tractor, backhoe, LP grapple, LP rear blade, and rotary cutter at the same time. When I picked it up, the rubber trimmer guard was missing.

When I got home I discovered that the front grill guard was not installed behind the loader. When I installed the caliper and opened and closed it, the hydraulic fluid was flowing freely from one of the hydraulic connectors. Later, when I got to use the backhoe in my camp, practically all the fittings were loose and hydraulic fluid was leaking everywhere on the rear of the backhoe frame.

The dealer didn’t like my complaint and he only gave me a jug of hydraulic fluid after several calls and visits. The biggest problem is that I bought the tractor to use in my camp, 3 and a half hours from the dealer. Carrying it around or having the dealer come over to fix it weren’t options. I was confident that the dealer would have done a thorough POI, but I was wrong. Clearly, it is the dealer’s responsibility to make sure everything is okay before handing it over to you.

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