Problems Kubota BX23S – ​rpms drop then backfires and dies

BX23s 1 Problems

My Kubota BX23s has developed a problem where all of a sudden the revs gradually drop and then it backfires and often dies. Sometimes after the backfire, it gradually ramps up the revs, but keeps going up and down. The tractor is two years old and I had a similar problem with no backfire after using the backhoe which turned out to be a seat switch problem. I have bypassed the seat switches and the problem is gone. Today I changed the air filter and both fuel filters and everything seemed fine as I have mowed for about 15 minutes and then it started again. The downside is that when it backfired, the mower deck PTO shaft flew off and hit the fluid filter causing fluid to splatter everywhere. Tomorrow I’ll clean up the mess and change the hydraulic fluid and filter. Any ideas?

Kubota BX23S 1
  • I would pull the line out of the tank and check the flow. Also the plug, sometimes the bugs get them muddy and you can’t see it. Take your air gun and blow into the tank and see if your flow changes. There is no easy way to clean the BX tank, I have heard of guys using a vacuum cleaner, with a piece of garden hose on the end to get to the bottom. OH and is the fuel new? You may have some water migrating through the system. And some additives like the white bottle are worth adding. I was going to say you check the fuel lines to see if they have softened, but at 2 years I doubt it …. OH wait, silly question, you don’t think there might be any cross contamination with gasoline do you?
  • The ONLY way is to remove the tank from the tractor. I found a “mini plastic bagel”, the size of an o-ring stuck in the outlet port of the tank. There is no way (vacuum, splash, blow, whatever I would have been able to remove … I spent 3 days leasurely remove, clean, replace …. local dealer (after) quoted me 3 hours of workshop time (+ -350 dollars).
  • Because of the shape of the tank, you would have to put an access panel in the center, and it is not easy to get to it. It is not so bad to remove it from the tractor if you have to clean it. It seems much worse than it really is. Remove the roll bar, the floor board, the rear fender assembly and the tank is facing the face. In addition, it gives great access to clean everything.
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