Kubota BX23s Starting Problem

Kubota BX23s Starting Problem Problems

Hello, I have searched and read here about the starting problems on the Kubota BX23s. But what I have found doesn’t seem to solve my problem … I turn the key and all the dash lights come on (battery, temp and brightness). I have checked / tripped both seat switches and hear a click when I sit on the seat. I also hear a constant ticking from what I think is the fuel pump. I have checked all my fuses for good and tripped the neutral safety switch on high / low. The only switch that I can’t get to and I don’t think is the problem is the forward / reverse switch.

What would be the next step to detect the problem?

It could be that the PTO switch is loose and / or bad. Some have been able to move it and get the tractor to start, while others have had to avoid it or squeeze it until the lever does / breaks.

The range selector switch has also been known to cause this same problem. Same arrangement suggestions as PTO switch.

There is also a 20 amp fuse that protects the fuel stop solenoid and auxiliary power connectors located under the seat. Many people connect ROPS lights and other electrical devices to this auxiliary power connector and when the extra load blows this fuse, the tractor will not turn off or will not start. This depends on whether the engine is a D902 or D905, both of which come in the BX23s.

The headlight problem sounds like it is a loose spade terminal on the switch or the switch itself is bad. Also make sure the fuse is fully seated.

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