Kubota BX23S Starter Problem

Kubota BX23 starter problem Problems

My Kubota model BX23S has on intermittent boot problem. Act as if a security switch was not closed. The four safety switches have been replaced twice by the local distributor. Sometimes I can start the tractor, sometimes not. But as the problem can not be easily duplicated, it has not been corrected.

This problem began in April 2007, when the tractor was 97 hours. He is currently about 132 hours from September 2, 2007. The start steps specified in the Kubota tractor operator’s manual were followed.

Turn the ignition key clockwise to the ON position. The battery and oil pressure lights light up. Sound – Fast snap or buzz; Click with an interval of about 3 seconds. The vertical white bar motor hour counter to the right of 1/10 moves. It appears when the click.gire the contact key is heard in the direction of the clockwise to the preheating position. The preheating lamp lights up.

Turn the key clockwise to the START position. Nothing happens. There are no sounds. The engine does not start up. The indicator lights go out. There are no sounds. Wait about 7 seconds. A “click” is heard near the starter / solenoid engine. When stirring the strength and the gear lever, the motor does not start.

When the engine starts, I listen to a strong click the first time the key is turned to the START position. You may not start the first time, but I can turn the key to the OFF position and try again. At the third or fourth attempt it starts.

I would appreciate any suggestions on how to isolate this problem to the part (s) that are causing this.

  • It sounds like a bad ignition switch on the start leg. Only one thought, go through all the starting things and if it does not start, Have a jumping motor with a screwdriver on the boot connections, if it starts, it will be a bad switch.
  • Sounds like you need to investagate the starter selenoid. The next time you do not start … try to skip the boot selenoid … that means taking a couple of Plyers and turning them around … Touching one end on each side of the selenoid. If she starts …. Call the Distributor for a Selenoid. Look for burned fuses, I think there may be one near the boot engine, which goes to the boot engine.
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