Kubota BX23S runs until it sputters and dies

BX23s 2 Problems

My Kubota BX23S runs until it sizzles and dies.

After investigating several potential causes, I left the tractor idling for a day or so, and it started fine, sizzling again after about 15-20 minutes.

I thought some debris had got into the tank blocking the fuel line. My theory was that after a while, the fuel could leak past the clog, allowing operation until the demand for fuel became too high.

I drained the fuel and blew the lines with a compressor. I put it back together and it ran like a champ for a few months.

Later in the summer, the same problem recurred. Thinking that I must have let some residue into the tank, I blew the pipes again. Problem solved … up to 2-3 months later. The same behavior, the same repair. Run like a champ – going through multiple tank refills – for a few months.

Is there a filter in the tank in the fuel line that could have been dislodged? Or something else that eludes me?

  • Check that the tank is vented, possibly on the fuel cap. When it happens again, open the cap and listen for air.
  • There is no filter in the reservoir and unless you REMOVE the reservoir, blowing air will NOT blow out the culprit …. After I limped home, I spent time (yes … it’s a bit of a ‘procedure’ involved to remove the tank) and rinsed a ‘piece’ of plastic about the size of a pencil eraser. There is no way blown air has blown it out (3 chamered tank), rinsing with water several times blew it out. I spent a lot ($ 1.25) and bought a sink filter screen, spent 5 minutes making it fit better, on the fuel tank filler neck.
  • Is your fuel tank made of plastic or metal? If it is plastic, it is more likely an algae problem. If it’s metal it could be a rust problem in the tank. But you never said you had changed the filter or filters. Find out how many fuel filters and replace them all and treat your fuel with algaecide afterwards.
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