Kubota BX23 s Problems
Kubota BX23s Can’t Start
Kubota BX23s cannot start. I have replaced the ignition, checked the fuses, rebuilt the starter, checked the switches, low and high drive lever, PTO select
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Kubota bx23-s Problems
My Kubota BX23s Starter Timer Relay Went Bad About 2 Weeks
The starter timer relay on my Kubota bx23s broke about 2 weeks ago. I replaced it. It started and worked fine for a couple of weeks. Now you have the same
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Kubota BX23s Starting Problem Problems
Kubota BX23s Starting Problem
Hello, I have searched and read here about the starting problems on the Kubota BX23s. But what I have found doesn’t seem to solve my problem …
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Kubota BX23 starter problem Problems
Kubota BX23S Starter Problem
My Kubota model BX23S has on intermittent boot problem. Act as if a security switch was not closed. The four safety switches have been replaced twice by
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kubota ballast Problems
Kubota BX23s ballast
Hi everyone. I was thinking of adding liquid ballast to my rear Kubota Bx23s, but the manual says the ballast needs to be removed when the backhoe is installed.
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BX23s 2 Problems
Kubota BX23S runs until it sputters and dies
My Kubota BX23S runs until it sizzles and dies. After investigating several potential causes, I left the tractor idling for a day or so, and it started
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Kubota BX23S Problems
Kubota BX23S front end hydraulics problems
Is there a way to reduce the speed of fall of the front end implements like the 3-point adjustment does for the rear? By trying to work delicately with
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BX23s 1 Problems
Problems Kubota BX23S – ​rpms drop then backfires and dies
My Kubota BX23s has developed a problem where all of a sudden the revs gradually drop and then it backfires and often dies. Sometimes after the backfire
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232234 Problems
Wiring Diverter Valve (Third Function) Kubota BX23S relieve hydraulic pressure
My Kubota BX23S has a third Kubota function (derailleur type) connected to the ignition so that it only activates when the tractor is running.
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Kubota BX23S Problems 2 Problems
Kubota BX23S Problems – Growling Noise
My Kubota bx23s with about 110 hours of use, sometimes when hoeing, I can hear what seems to be a growling type noise, not very loud and only lasts a short time.
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