Kubota BX23S loader Problems
Kubota BX23S Odd Noise
Today, after I was using my Kubota BX23S loader to move some dirt and coming back down the road to my house, a loud noise that sounded like a small stick
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Kubota BX23s 1 Problems
Kubota BX23S Hydraulic Pressure to High
I bought one of those hydraulic gauges with a shim kit. My Kubota BX23S with less than 100 hours of use read 1750PSIG, so I was going to add the 0.
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KUBOTA BX23S TLB 1 Problems
Kubota BX23S Loader Raises Extremely Slow Sometimes
The loader gets up very slowly and sometimes he does not. To curl the rip it seems to be fine until I put resistance and I try to pick up a snow load.
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Kubota BX23S Problems
High Pressure Kubota BX23S
My Kubota BX23S is a 2019 with 135 hours. He had ordered it with what Kubota calls a third-function valve and mechanical thumb options. I have converted
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Kubota BX23S Tractor Problems
Kubota BX23s rpms drop then backfires and dies
My Kubota BX23s has developed a problem where all of a sudden the revs gradually drop and then it backfires and often dies. Sometimes after the backfire
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BX23s Problems
BX23s Mower Makes a Noise When Stopping
Brand new BX23s with 60 “bellows mower. Today started to make noise when turning mower off, sound is coming from center line PTO. Blades look good
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BX23S Hood Release Problems
Kubota BX23S Hood Release Not Releasing
Kubota BX23S. I have a problem with my hood release not working. I’ve pulled up on the lever, and pulled back, and the hood release refuses to release the hood.
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Kubota BX23S Growling Noise Problems
Kubota BX23S Growling Noise
My Kubota BX23S with about 110 hours on it, at times when hoeing, I can hear what seems to be a growl type noise, not very loud and only last a short time.
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BX23s 2018 Problems Problems
Kubota BX23s 2018 Problems
Hi, my 2018 Kubota BX23S has a 4-in-1 bucket that has come off where the hydraulic cylinder ram is attached to the rear of the bucket –
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BX23s Front end Hydraulics Problems
Kubota BX23s Front end Hydraulics
Is there a way to reduce the rate of fall of the front implements like the 3-point adjustment does for the rear? By trying to work delicately with the
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