Kubota BX23S Odd Noise

Kubota BX23S loader Problems

Today, after I was using my Kubota BX23S loader to move some dirt and coming back down the road to my house, a loud noise that sounded like a small stick had gotten stuck in my fan started and started to get louder and louder. I parked the tractor and lowered the revs and kept doing it, but it calmed down.

I got scared and checked my engine fan. It was good. I checked my HST fan and it is fine. The noise is not as loud when I pick it up as when I start to move the tractor. That’s when it gets strong. It seems to be coming from behind or under the battery compartment. I’ve looked at everything I can think of and I don’t see what it could be. It also does not appear that there are loose screws and rattles. I have 10.3 hours on my tractor so I understand that I might need to adjust and tighten a few things as the break-in period progresses, but this has me scratching my head.

Do any of you with experience have any idea what’s going on? It literally sounded like a little stick in my cooling fan, but it’s clear. And the fan is not hitting the case either.

With the tractor stopped but running, use your ear to get as close to the noise as possible. If you do not find anything that makes contact, it could be internal and you should take it to the dealer to check.

Check the rubber boot on the other end of the driveshaft that leads to the fan. Mine smashed, I didn’t hear it shake (maybe my hearing protection is too good?), But as I was spinning it took some wiring and worked its way through the fuel line.

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