Kubota BX23S Hydraulic Pressure to High

Kubota BX23s 1 Problems

I bought one of those hydraulic gauges with a shim kit. My Kubota BX23S with less than 100 hours of use read 1750PSIG, so I was going to add the 0.2mm shim to go up 80PSI more. I removed the plug, installed it and the retest showed 2500PSIG. I tested it with the original shims and it was still 2500PSIG. I removed all the chocks and got it down to 2300PSIG so the relief is working. Checked the pressure gauge, it’s okay.

Everything inside the relief moves easily, the spring, the seat, except the relief valve seat. It does not move. I asked for a new one to see what I’m up to. I still have not received it. The original must have moved when I first disassembled it and I pushed it in too far or it was twisted when re-tightening, there are holes in the side of the seat cage that do not exactly match the drain hole in the casting.

First, is 2300PSIG too much for this tractor? Maybe the spring is too tight and the cap was not so tight from the factory. Shall we clean the dock? I have no idea how to get the seat out other than trying to screw a screw into it and pull, or carefully drill, destroying it. I would like some advice because I am very meticulous in taking care of my equipment, boats, cars, etc, and this is a bit embarrassing.

  • It’s a bit late now but for prospective owners who think that getting an 80 psi boost is going to be magic …….. leave things as they are. Admittedly, all gauges have errors. The cheapest ones are usually 5% of full scale which could be 150+ psi. The WSM I have access to says 1780 to 1840 psi with hot oil and at full throttle.
  • I increased the pressure on my BX25 to 2000 PSI using OEM Kubota shims. It worked exactly as the WSM said. In fact, I have disassembled it 3 times to check the progress. It seems very simple to me. You must have done something wrong. Did you measure the thickness of the wedges? OEMs come in envelopes with the MMs on each. It made a huge difference to the operation of the FEL. Before I couldn’t lift 50 GL diesel, later I could.
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