Kubota BX23S Hood Release Not Releasing

BX23S Hood Release Problems

Kubota BX23S. I have a problem with my hood release not working. I’ve pulled up on the lever, and pulled back, and the hood release refuses to release the hood. I have pressed down on the hood at the same time, and still nothing. Is there a way to get the hood unlock to release it, that I haven’t tried? Once I get it open, is there a way to adjust the latch to make it work easier in the future? Thank you.

Operator error. He was trying to release the hood with the cruise control lever. The tractor has a cab, and the heater hides the hood release. I had a BX22 previously, and the hood release was located exactly where the cruise control lever is, and not being very familiar with this new tractor, I forgot where the hood release was located. Kubota should have a label with an arrow to remind us ancients where the hood release is when you have a heated cabin, and a label to indicate that the dipstick is for cruise control.

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