Kubota BX23S Growling Noise

Kubota BX23S Growling Noise Problems

My Kubota BX23S with about 110 hours on it, at times when hoeing, I can hear what seems to be a growl type noise, not very loud and only last a short time. It does not affect the operation. I don’t hear it when I only use the FEL. The HST fluid level is fine. I have informed my dealer of this. Has anyone else experienced this or am I just hearing things?

  • Since you mentioned that you only hear it when you are using the backhoe, it is most likely that what you hear is the activation of the pressure relief valve.
  • The moment you hear this, does the movement you are trying to make slow down or stop? That might be a clue, but the pressure the PRV opens may be just what you need, and the change in gear may not be apparent.
  • Maybe you could try moving something immovable, like a big stump or something like that, and see if you hear the same sound.
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