Kubota BX23s Can’t Start

Kubota BX23 s Problems

Kubota BX23s cannot start. I have replaced the ignition, checked the fuses, rebuilt the starter, checked the switches, low and high drive lever, PTO select lever, forward and reverse pedal switch. I turn on the ignition and the panel lights come on, turn to start or start and nothing. The battery is fine. If I put the multimeter on the starter and touch any ground point on the body, it reads full power.

What could be missing?

Check the wiring at the starter solenoid. See if the switch wire, the single little wire on the solenoid, is the wire at the start terminal of the keyswitch. use wire color to check. This is the wire that the key has to energize to activate the starter solenoid. What is the battery voltage before turning the switch to the glow plug and after turning the glow plug? If the battery voltage drops from 12.5 volts to less than 8 volts, the battery or cables are bad.

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