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kubota ballast Problems

Hi everyone. I was thinking of adding liquid ballast to my rear Kubota Bx23s, but the manual says the ballast needs to be removed when the backhoe is installed. Anyone who owns a Bx23s will probably agree that the backhoe is one of the main reasons for buying that model, so it would probably be plugged in most of the time. Is it really expected to drain the tires every time the backhoe is reinstalled? All advice is appreciated. Trying to keep it simple, but safe for me and the machine. Thanks

  • I have the BX23S. I don’t see the advantage of filling the rear tires when the hoe provides plenty of counterweight. The tire ballast idea was for the rare occasions when I didn’t have the backhoe hooked up. I deal with a lot of sandy ground so I thought the ballast might help me get better traction and / or stability on slopes. Just to see what, if anything, the rest of the people out there do.
  • I’ve been on my 23s for a while with loaded tires and I’m always switching between my BH and 3pt. Without the hoe and using the box shovel as ballast when working, I found the tractor to be much more stable and planted with full tires. With the weight of the BH at the rear I do not notice any difference with the loaded rear tires. If I hadn’t run a lot with my 3Pt, I probably wouldn’t have filled them.
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