Wiring Diverter Valve (Third Function) Kubota BX23S relieve hydraulic pressure

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My Kubota BX23S has a third Kubota function (derailleur type) connected to the ignition so that it only activates when the tractor is running. I think this is causing me a problem trying to relieve pressure in the system because the tractor is running and pumping fluid.

Should it be connected to another point for the derailleur to work with the engine off and the ignition on?

If not, is there an easy way to release the hydraulic pressure?

Turn on the key and activate the solenoid (you should hear a click). Then operate the loader valve in all 4 directions with the valve in the operating position. I’m not familiar with which button it is on the loader staff, but that’s the one you need to activate. That will take all the pressure off all the lines, including your third feature.

There is no need to rewire anything, unless the solenoid is in a circuit that is only live when the engine is running, but I doubt that is what Kubota intends to be wired. Obtain a copy of the installation instructions, and check how it is wired in relation to how the factory instructed it to be wired.

You don’t want the solenoid to activate when the key is in the off position, because you’ll be drawing current all the time, and it will drain your battery.

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