BX23s Mower Makes a Noise When Stopping

BX23s Problems

Brand new BX23s with 60 “bellows mower. Today started to make noise when turning mower off, sound is coming from center line PTO. Blades look good, nuts look tight, blades do notthey touch.

Run it for a bit, engage and disengage the blades, then look at the ends of the blades. See if there are bright spots at the ends.I’ve seen this in the past, usually with mulching blades but sometimes standard blades as well.If this is the case, call the dealer to take care of it. Kubota has not issued a newsletter on this issue, but it does happen sometimes.

I have had to rectify a very small amount of the ends.Very small = only polish the tip. Sometimes there is some mill scale on the ends and that’s what sticks.

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