Kubota BX23S

Kubota BX23S Backhoe Loader Tractor

The Kubota BX23S backhoe loader tractor is equipped with a liquid-cooled Kubota D902 3-cylinder diesel engine, delivering 23 hp (17.2 kW) of power at 3,200 rpm.

The Kubota BX23S is equipped with a 0.9L 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission, 4×4 drive, power steering, oil bath disc brakes, infinite forward and reverse gears (2 ranges) and 3.3L of engine oil capacity.

Kubota pioneered the subcompact tractor category in the early 2000s when it introduced the BX2200. Since then they have introduced the 30, 50, 60 and 70 series, and more recently the BX80 series tractors.

The 80 series tractors (BX1880, BX2380, BX2680 and BX23S) replace the 70 series tractors (BX1870, BX2370, BX2670 and BX25D).

The great thing about the new 80 series tractors is that the new innovations and improvements that Kubota has designed will really help improve the usability and flexibility of an already very useful tractor.

80 Series BX tractors are compatible with Swift-Tach LA340S loaders. This model allows the BX 80 series operator to couple / uncouple the loader with a few simple procedures – all without ever leaving their seat!

Although Kubotas are known for their reliability, you will eventually need to access the engine compartment from time to time to check things out. Whereas the old 70 series was accessible by opening the hood and removing the side panels, the new 80 series has a one-piece hood that opens completely allowing you to quickly access the engine compartment for maintenance.

From mowing lawns to commercial landscaping, the Kubota BX Series subcompact tractor range is designed for long hours of demanding, continuous use. With a compact design but powerful performance, the BX Series tackles heavy duty jobs even in the tightest of spaces, enhancing exceptional maneuverability and agility.

BX23S Tractor


Powered by robust Kubota engines, recognized around the world for their exceptional reliability and durability, it incorporates a 2-range hydrostatic transmission and is equipped with two drive pedals for exceptional handling even when frequent speed and direction changes are required. Hydraulic power steering provides effortless control while reducing operator fatigue.


Similar in dimensions to a lawn tractor, the BX series is easy to maneuver and offers smooth operation even in tight spaces. Thanks to its compact size, the BX is incredibly gentle on the grass. The robust and rugged all-wheel drive provides powerful traction for heavy-duty front loaders and rear attachments. You can choose between grass, bar or industrial tires .


Operator comfort is maximized with a fully flat platform that provides plenty of legroom. A new deluxe seat allows you to work comfortably and efficiently, even on the most demanding jobs. The high-back reclining seat is fully adjustable and is equipped with adjustable armrests. The BX instrument panel provides easy-to-read gauges for all the vital information you need to keep your tractor running smoothly, safely and efficiently. A single glance at the instrument panel tells you everything you need to know about the main functions of your BX tractor. The large tachometer features a handy orange indicator that shows the optimum rev range for work with the loader / backhoe and rear PTO. Cruise control automatically maintains a constant speed, allowing you to take your foot off the forward pedal. Cruise control automatically maintains a constant speed, allowing you to take your foot off the forward pedal. It’s an easy way to mow large areas or travel long distances.


Switching between mowing, front loader and backhoe work has never been easier thanks to the BX’s quick connect attachments.

The Kubota Quick Connect Charger allows you to attach and detach the charger without getting off the tractor. To remove the loader, just follow four easy steps and go back. The Kubota BX23S backhoe loader offers great comfort and performance. The backhoe has a spacious and comfortable command post with plenty of legroom, as well as a curved boom, a 20º departure angle, hydraulic hose guard, wide sight lines and the quick connect mounting system. from Kubota for effortless engagement / disengagement. It’s the ideal combination of comfort and performance for any digging job. The mid-mount 3-blade mower decks offer a large cutting area, allowing you to cut more grass in one pass. Mower decks are available in 54 “or 60”. Unlike belt drives, there is no slippage and maintenance is minimal.


Kubota BX23S
  • Kubota BX23S
  • Kubota BX23S 4WD


“Well, it’s the only new tractor I’ve ever owned … It’s versatile, small, maneuverable, semi-powerful, and fun to drive. The backhoe is very easy to put on and take off. There are a number of different attachments, like the cutter box, the excavator. of post holes and the wood cutter. The only negatives are the starting price of $ 25,000 and the Land Pride auger, which needs a clutch. The unit costs a lot of money and really needs more protection than just a shear pin Also, the auger has no downward pressure, which absorbs hard clay, and when it hits a rock (!), It spins uncontrollably. The only way to combat this is to always have your hand in control of the PTO. and prepare to lift and / or brake the rotation. Another question: Why can both power take-offs be used at the same time? The mower and the rear? “

Pros: Overall good machine, implements easy to put on and take off.

Cons: Upfront cost, attachments are overpriced, and Land Pride needs a better product.

Good tractor. Enjoy your projects with him and keep in mind the sub-forum “What have you done with your Kubota?” to show your work.

Nice Kubota bx23s!! Congratulations!! You seem to have gotten a very reasonable deal with all the discounts. Enjoy it.

The Kubota bx23s is a good tractor that will give you many years of service.

It is a small tractor but it can do big jobs little by little. As you use it, you will know what and how much it can do. Listen to the engine and transmission / hydraulics, they will let you know when they are reaching the limit. Keep fluids under control and, in general, get in the habit of checking the tractor before using it. Keep it greased and, after heavy use, let it cool at idle for a short time, don’t just turn it off. It’s a great tractor and a great investment, take care of it and you will take care of it for many years to come.

New owner of Kubota bx23s too. The first 2 additions to the machine, the Bxpanded understory and its ripper tooth. I have owned a compact tractor for 35 years, the BX23S subcompact is impressive.

Feel free to run your tractor at full capacity. Diesel engines and hydrostatic transmissions are made to operate at the upper end of the RPM range and at normal operating temperature. Running in the middle of the RPM range is counterproductive and does not lead to long engine or transmission life.

I have a BX23S. I love that thing. Honestly, I have it more since the cube. I’m clearing out some trees and stumps in my forest, and haven’t really had a problem unless I tried to pick up something heavier than the BX was made to move. Actually, I’ve had the rear of the tractor get the light on, and that’s with the hoe and the wheel weights on it. The 3rd function is a derailleur that goes to the front of the loader and touches the hydraulic bucket bend and dump system. It does not touch any of the other hydraulic systems.

I have a BX24, the Kubota BX23 is more or less the same tractor. I have a belly mower for him and cut several acres around the houses. It has a small backhoe that comes in handy for planting or uprooting trees and digging up stumps or any other digging that needs to be done. If I were you I would buy it for the amount of land you are going to have and in the future you can get a bigger tractor to pack etc. I never thought I’d need two tractors, but it’s great to have a really small one and a big one. I hope this helps.

This tractor has performed very well until almost 2 years ago when the left wheel broke while mowing.Now, I have also lost the other wheel.This time it was the right side and it has also been broken.This has cost me over $ 800 to purchase the parts to fix it.

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